Plateau Breeze Ranch

S More Spots- Appaloosa
Freckled Bliss of PBR-Appaloosa

Rare Gem Whole Latte Love-Calico Harlequin!

Rare Gem Heart Kandi-Appaloosa!!!!

Our ranch on the plateau in Murrieta, CA. grew up out of the pale green hills as if it had always been part of the scenery. This is where we experience cool ocean breezes, spectacular views of the plateau, vineyards and a real sense of peace. We never dreamed in our wildest of imagination that we'd be alpaca ranchers and breeders of elite-fleeced Harlequins and Appaloosas, but here we are, and we love it!

Learn here what it takes to breed for lasting fineness and genetic superiority while you browse through our website, Share in our dreams while spending time with our true hosts, our beautiful and exquisite alpacas.