Huacaya Bred Female

Light Brown, Medium Brown, True Black
Sire-Vintage Cashmere U-Taupe-ia!!
Packed with Snowmass genetics
Fineness!!!! 21afd at seven years old!
White, Light Silver Grey
Mooseridge Absolut Straight Up Daughter!
Light Fawn
Grandsire-Black Epic

Huacaya Open Female

White, Dark Fawn
Bright White with spots!!!
Price: $4,500
White, Light Silver Grey, Medium Rose Grey, True Black
Gorgeous fleece, pattern and genetics
Price: $7,000
Beige, Medium Fawn, Light Brown, True Black
Gorgeous fiber, gorgeous spots!!!
Light Brown, True Black
Truly Unique Appaloosa
White, Medium Fawn, Dark Fawn, Light Brown
Out of Vintage Cashmere U-Taupe-ia
Price: $6,500
Beige, Medium Brown
2x Proven Platinum Harl/Appy producer
Price: $4,000
Beige, Light Fawn, Dark Fawn, Medium Brown, True Black
Fascinating, intriguing, utterly crazy
Beige, Dark Fawn
Black Magic bloodline!!!!
Proven Appaloosa producer!!!!
Price: $4,000
Beige, Light Brown
Mounds of fleece with spots!!!!!
Light Fawn, Medium Fawn
Fading Fawn, truly elite fleeced!!!

Huacaya Male

Light Fawn, Medium Fawn, Medium Brown
Spotting on his belly and legs!!!
Price: $1,000
White, Medium Fawn, Light Silver Grey, Dark Silver Grey
Platinum Harlequin/Appaloosa
Light Fawn, Medium Fawn, Light Brown, Dark Silver Grey
Calico Harlequin/Appaloosa
Just WOW!! His fleece is flippin killer!
Ultra fine fleece characteristics
White, Medium Brown, Bay Black
Harelquin, Appaloosa, Pinto, Roan!!!!